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How AmptUp is Reimagining The Booking Framework For Tours

Booking a tour has certainly come a long way in the past decade plus. Not only are agents, promoters, and buyers leveraging big data in their booking decisions, but platforms like TikTok are using their wealth of data and insights to even start their own festivals. Despite all the innovation in booking, one process still remains relatively untouched - the process of booking itself - dealing with availability, holds, dates, etc. In many cases, this process is so manual that many of today’s largest tours still get built on your standard excel spreadsheet. For smaller independent venues, this process is even more labor intensive as many do not have the staff of some of the larger conglomerate companies. Coordinating dates and logistics for a tour can be a logistical nightmare, especially when dealing with multiple venues, cities, and countries. Managing travel arrangements, accommodations, and equipment transportation adds another layer of complexity. Not to mention, budgeting for a tour involves considering not just travel expenses but also accommodation, meals, equipment maintenance, and potential unexpected costs. Factoring in venue selection, promotion and marketing, and touring networks makes this process grueling.