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AmptUp believes in the power of independent live music. We are dedicated to making independent live music stronger, easier, and more sustainable – for venues, for musicians, and for fans. We aim to do this through increasing transparency and improving communication and operational efficiency throughout the entire live music ecosystem.


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AmptUp’s new features save time and money for independent venues and artists

AmptUp, the all-in-one platform known for cutting the event booking process down from three weeks to three minutes, introduces its new Payouts feature–carrying venues and talent through the entire booking process, from sending the initial contract and booking proposal to payment at the end of the gig.

Very few software tools existed to manage booking for independent venues before AmptUp. This left venue owners to resort to inefficient email threads, spreadsheets, and separate calendars to track everything. 

With just a few clicks, AmptUp replaces the old email chains with a centralized hub for all contracts, marketing materials, and event information–ensuring that artists get paid and venue owners have more time to focus on curating lineups and running their businesses. With AmptUp, venues can track the status of a booking in real-time, receive artist assets at the time of booking, and easily calculate payouts. Meanwhile, musicians have easy access to every detail to ensure they arrive on time and with all the right equipment–booking confirmations, tech setup information, house rules, and even the marketing and hospitality offers from the venue.

The introduction of the Payouts calculator within the AmptUp platform further simplifies and streamlines paperwork for artists and venues. Within the AmptUp app, venues can specify terms of the most common deals (flat fee, ticket split, percentage of bar revenue, etc.) while calculating it for an error-free experience that provides transparency for the musician–showing itemized costs and artist pay deductions. The new preferred payment option also makes settling up at the end of the night easier.

“We've done heavy research into the artist experience, and a lot of artists have a story about managing payouts at 2 a.m. or while racing to catch a plane, only to find out that they aren't getting paid what they expected,” says Holly Hagerman, Co-Founder and CEO of AmptUp. “This is almost always due to an unclear contract or paperwork getting lost in the shuffle. Independent venues and artists rely on each other and AmptUp’s new Payouts feature helps maintain these symbiotic relationships by ensuring that everyone is clear on the terms of the deal with a total sell-out potential number shown in writing.” 

When a booker sends a booking offer, the musician receives a text or email with all of the booking and compensation details. After reviewing the offer, the musician can choose to accept it. From there, they are prompted to upload their information, payment details, photos for marketing, and any required paperwork like W9s. All data uploaded by both the venue and the talent flows into the booking offer – creating a single source of truth for all parties to refer back to at any time.

Recently launching in Portland, AmptUp partnered with several local independent venues before spreading to other live music hubs. Placing great emphasis on empowering the diverse voices of independent artists nationwide, AmptUp now has partners from coast to coast and looks forward to fostering lasting partnerships with more venues this year. 

About AmptUp
AmptUp believes in the power of independent live music. We are dedicated to making independent live music stronger, easier, and more sustainable – for venues, for musicians, and for fans. We aim to do this by making the most time-consuming and costly part for every live music venue - booking, advancing, producing, and settling up a show - more transparent, simple, fast, and equitable for both sides. Join AmptUp’s community of partnered venues spanning from coast to coast at